Porelite™ Blackhead Vacuum

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Porelite™ is a revolutionary device that eliminates your blackheads & pimples in seconds. This device is the result of decades of technological advancement in the beauty industry. It has changed the lives of thousands and is one of the most sold blackheads vacuums in the world, sold exclusively by Luxumius.

With creams, masks & lotions, skincare issues improve for the moment. However, in a week or two, these pesky little blackheads and acne builds up slowly and comes back bigger than ever. Porelite™ is proven to treat and remove blackheads in a fast, simple and effective matter in just a few seconds. Get rid of your blackheads & pimples forever and begin a life with a new level of confidence & self-esteem without having to care about blackheads & pimples.


✔️ Increases confidence & self-esteem by removing skin issues
✔️ Provides real, long-term results compared to masks & creams
✔️ Professional dermatological treatment that is easy to use
✔️ Immediate results to remove your blackheads completely          


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How does Porelite™ work?       


Porelite™ uses dual-action therapy with a combination of Exfoliation (with diamond tip) and Negative Vacuum suction. Giving you a professional dermatological office treatment in your very own home. Save more than $1000 off Dermatological treatments.


Porelite™ extracts your blackheads & mature pimples from the depth of your pores. While extracting your pores, the outer layer of the skin is stroked using abrasion to promote new, healthy and youthful cells. The suction effect increases your blood-flow to rebuild collagen and elastin. Your skin will look better and more youthful than ever before.


The ability to completely eliminate blackheads is what makes Porelite™ a worldwide leader in the skincare industry. This device is a result of decades of scientific research. Designed to solve your lifetime skincare issues in just minutes.


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