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The Quick Guide To Acne 

You diet has a greater impact in your skin than you think. These foods have different effects on different people, some people break out in acne while other don’t. In this post we will discover which foods that are most likely to cause you acne.

In general, garbs with different glycemic index (GI) are most likely the cause of your acne as they have a direct effect on your blood sugar. High GI foods causes insulin spikes, extracting sugar from your blood, leading to inflammation in the skin that may trigger acne.

The lower the GI index your foods possess, the lower the chance you are to break out in acne = healther skin = win!

Examples of high and low GI foods:

  1. High GI ripe bananas, mango, raisins, potatoes, bagels, pretzels, cookies and cakes, corn flakes, white rice and white bread.
  2. Low GI foods: berries, hummus, whole grain bread, broccoli, sprouts, leafy salads and more.
  1. High GI foods: white bread, white rice, corn flakes, cake, cookies, pretzels, bagels, potatoes, beetroot, mango, raisins, ripe bananas


Effects of Dairy

Most households includes a diet of skim milk, cheese and yoghurt. Dairy has a direct effect on your skin. If you drink a lot of milk, cheese and yoghurt, try removing all dairy for one-to-three weeks and see if you notice any changes in your skin (fitness freaks... this includes your protein shakes as well).

Common misperceptions:

Fatty and oily foods are bad and cause acne:

This is not true. We have the conception that greasy foods are the cause for acne. Modern studies are yet to find a push and pull effect between oily foods and acne.


Ok.. so what do I eat?

 There are no absolute answers to this question. Foods causes extremely different results on different individuals, meaning that it is personal to you and your body. We recommend experimenting!